Taiko NHG-12 (Bore 80x65)

Make: Taiko Kikai Industries., Ltd

Model NHG-12

Horizontal Low Pressure Gear Pump


Bore 80x65mm (Suc. x Dis.)

Capacity  11.4 cu.m/h @ 1140rpm --- Modified capacity listed below

Dis. Press.: 3.0 kg/sq.cm

Suc. Press.: -0.5 kg/sq.cm

Head 35m

Required power 3.7kW 

Existing Motor Specifications

3.7kW 6Pole  

a. 220V 1140rpm

b. 200V 940rpm

c. 200V 1120rpm

Other capacities may be achieved by changing motor - Approved speeds listed below by maker

a. 12 cu.m/h@1200rpm(60Hz)

b. 18 cu.m/h@1800rpm(60Hz)

c. 10 cu.m/h@1000rpm(50Hz)

d. 15 cu.m/h@1500rpm(50Hz)

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