Understanding prefix 'L' and 'S'

Prefixed 'L'

The L35C series was the first model series of the MC programme and was launched in 1981. It has subsequently been uprated/upgraded. The engine model designation with prefix L indicates a long piston stroke.In 2007 the four cylinder model was dropped from the series which subsequently become known as the L35MC6 (for Mark 6)

Prefixed 'S'

The engine model designation with prefix S indicates a super-long piston stroke.The longer piston stroke enables the engine to run at lower speeds and consequently lower propeller speeds, which in turn gives a higher propeller efficiency benefit.

The present Mark 7 variant was introduced in 2006, offering higher power outputs than the preceding Mark 6 models. The four-cylinder engine, available in the Mark 6 series, will not be offered in the Mark 7 series. In 2007 the "Mark" series designation was changed to "7 series".

Source: www.janes.com

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