L35MC Licensee: Makita Diesel

Available O Ring (Sorted by Part No.)

Denoted by (*) - Commonly used and renewed when overhauled

4126423    Lubricator

4145210    O Ring

4145250    High Pressure Pipe

4145252    High Pressure Pipe

4179642    High Pressure Pipe

4181126    Cylinder Liner *

4181127    Cooling Water Jacket *

4181145    O Ring

4181187    O Ring

4181452    O Ring

4181455    O Ring

4181456    O Ring

4181771    High Pressure Pipe

4183312    Exhaust Valve Driving Gear

N17L355       O Ring

N17M320      O Ring

N17M324      O Ring

N17M325      O Ring

N17M330      O Ring

N17M334      O Ring

N17M339      Exhaust Valve Driving Gear

N17M350      O Ring

N17M365      Exhaust Valve Driving Gear

N17M695      O Ring

N17M3160    Exhaust Valve Driving Gear

N17M6220    Stuffing Box *

N17M6320    O Ring

N17M6360    O Ring

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