L35MC Licensee: Hitachi Zosen

Available O Ring (Sorted by Part No.)

Denoted by (*) - Commonly used and renewed when overhauled

L35-12-25             Exhaust Valve Special Sealing Rings*

L35-12-41             Exhaust Valve (Air Piston) Special Sealing Rings*

L35-12-42             Exhaust Valve (Air Piston) Special Sealing Rings*

L35-36-02-1-5       Fuel Pump Special Sealing Rings*

L35-02-04             Crankcase Safety Valve

L35-05-2-02-1-2   Cylinder Liner *

L35-05-2-02-1-3   Cylinder Liner *

L35-05-04-3          Cooling Water Connection (Cyl.Frame-Cyl.Jacket)*

L35-05-05-3          Scavenge Box Cleaning Cover*

L35-06-12-3          Cooling Water Connection (Cyl.Jacket-Cyl.Cover)*

L35-10-1-06          Piston Rod*

L35-10-2-14-9       Piston Rod Stuffing Box*

L35-12-14             Cooling Water Connection (Cyl.Cover-Exh.Valve)*

L35-12-26             Exhaust Valve*

L35-12-45             Exhaust Valve*

L35-12-52-2-4       High Pressure Pipe for Exhaust Valve

L35-17-04-5          Fuel Valve (Valve Head & Non-Return Valve)*

L35-17-05             Fuel Valve (Valve Holder)*

L35-17-07             Fuel Valve (Valve Head & Non-Return Valve)*

L35-17-08             Fuel Valve (Valve Head)*

L35-19-08             Starting Air Valve*

L35-30-02-4-3       Valve Gear THrottle Valve

L35-30-02-4-4       Valve Gear THrottle Valve

L35-30-02-5-6       Valve Gear Non-Return Valve

L35-30-02-5-7       Valve Gear Non-Return Valve

L35-36-02-1-6       Fuel Pump (Pump Cylinder)*

L35-36-02-1-7       Fuel Pump (Pump Cylinder)*

L35-36-02-10        Fuel Pump (Pump Cylinder)*

L35-36-02-11        Fuel Pump (Top Cover)*

L36-37-01-6          Fuel Oil High Pressure Pipe*

L36-37-01-7-4       Fuel Oil High Pressure Pipe*

L36-37-02-6          Fuel Oil High Pressure Pipe*

L36-37-03-6          Fuel Oil High Pressure Pipe*

L36-37-02-7-10      Fuel Oil High Pressure Pipe*

L36-37-03-7-10      Fuel Oil High Pressure Pipe*

L35-63-01             Camshaft for Cylinder Lubricator

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